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What better way to keep your Friday morning going than to tune in to the MNT hour? Featuring all-new-all-the-time releases, weekly reads of the Face-Palm-Clap--your source of ultimate nonsense--and even tongue-twisters every now and then, these 60 minutes aren't just gonna slide away.

Join me (Jomar) on the Morning New-tine hour Fridays from 8-9am, only on 93.3 CFMU!

A little info about me: I'm a first-year McMaster student who simply loves music. My favourite genres are big band jazz (and jazz in general), funk, soul, disco, punk rock, to name a few. (I'd say that my favourite music is mostly anything from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 00s, or anything with a horn section, or anything with an awesome bassline, or anything with a great background sound in general!)

Instrument-wise, I play trombone and trumpet. I also play guitar, piano and drums in rotation (usually just for jamming out and having a good time).

Random but fun fact: as of now I'm stuck in the 50s through to the 70s, especially with their music (of course!), art, television (especially game shows and celebrity shows/roasts), architecture and technology but don't let that take away from the "new" of the MNT hour!


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