On Air

Assorted sounds from stranger dancefloors /// house, disco, dub, techno, ambient, post-punk, electro, experimental, free jazz, unclassifiable, interdimensional transmissions, and occasional guest mixes.

Space is the place.

Previous guests on the show:
Abagale Fischer (Biatch Corp, New York)
Andi Hanley (Body & Soul, Manchester)
Andrew Ross (Love Below, Toronto)
Andy Bgpz (Purple Radio, Hamilton)
Arts&Crafts (Night Drive, Hamilton)
Beach Jerky (Barton Massive, Hamilton)
Bradley Zero (Rhythm Section/Boiler Room, London)
Cybernetic Orchestra (McMaster University, Hamilton)
Doc Jones (Underground Quality, Brooklyn)
Doc‡erre (UML, Liverpool / Leeds)
Doc'trin (Music Is My Sanctuary, Montreal)
Doug Singer (Sunday Best, Brooklyn)
Dylan Thompson (Hush House, Leeds)
Grant Winestock (Baltimore House, Hamilton) 
Grossberger (Underground Quality, Philadelphia)
Hut (Barton Massive, Hamilton)
Isaac Basker (Thema / Play It Say What, New York)
Nopeople (Barton Massive, Hamilton)
Osito (Night Drive, Hamilton)
Paul Trafford (Forbidden Planet, Montreal)
Personator (On The Quiet, New Jersey)
Processor (Paper Plus Sound, Toronto)
Rich Oddie (Hands Productions, Hamilton)
Sans Papier & Aria Ciel (Pixelpussy, Hamilton)
Steve Kerr (Haze World, Montreal / Los Angeles)
Steve Mizek (Little White Earbuds, Chicago)
Subb-an (Crosstown Rebels, Birmingham)


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