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Spring Has Finally Sprung!

Blog/FavouritesMarch 27th 2017
Tumi Adegoroye

Who doesn't love a little bit of sun and rain? CFMU has some tips for this year's Spring!

1.) Home Cleaning: Home cleaning isn’t always fun but once you realize allergies can be a pain, you have to get that cleaning on. Clothes and Closet cleaning are essential as its best to get rid of winter clothes and replace them with clean and less heavy clothing. It will be nice to get yourself a small humidifier as dusts could also cause some allergies

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2.) Pollen Prevention: Talking about allergies, this is the period where pollen exposure could cause terrible allergies, so it’s best to wear a mask from 6 am- 10 am as this is when pollen counts are high. Scheduling your jogging and running for a later time will prevent terrible pollen allergies. Cleaning air conditioner filters and taking your allergy medication as prescribed is one way to minimize allergies during spring.

3.) Spring Clothes/Shoes: For women, this year’s fashion is all about stripped clothes, cut outs, bright colors (color yellow & pink not a lot of bright colors) and shirt dresses. Clogs are huge now, as it goes with the weather – not too hot, not too cold, just comfortable. Lace up shoes and sandals are also trending for women. They are my favorite!  For men’s clothing, sports-inspired outfits are in vogue, checker board prints, color yellow, camouflage outfits, shorts and don’t forget the face cap and  bucket hat. HMM, that seems to be back in trend. Athletic looking shoes are in vogue for both females and males.

4.) Farmers Market: As the weather is warming up, it makes it easier to take a trip to the farmer’s market. Get yourself some fresh fruits and vegetables to stay healthy. It will also be a great idea to detox for 2-3 days and get all the winter junk out for a fresh spring. Hamilton has a Farmer’s Market located at Jackson square mall a couple located on James street.

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5.) Explore Hamilton: It’s almost done snowing and that means we can move around more. Hamilton has so many places one could visit during spring. From the restaurants on Locke street to Outdoor cinemas, Dundas Valley and many more. Hamilton truly has a variety of fun places and events to go to. So, get your excitement on and remember spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s Party”.

You know what they say, “Despite the forecast, live like its spring!”

CFMU wishes Hamiltonians a lovely Spring!