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CFMU Fundraiser at This Ain't Hollywood

Blog/FavouritesMarch 15th 2017
Jamie Tennant

CFMU’s annual fundraiser is an excuse for CFMU to capitalize on its bragging rights. For a week, we talk ourselves up and remind our listeners what we do and why we do it. The annual fundraising show – a tradition that goes back decades - is part fundraiser, part celebration. A celebration of CFMU and  a celebration of all our volunteers’ hard work spreading the CFMU gospel and raising funds.

As always, this year’s show was hosted by This Ain’t Hollywood and stacked with major talent. The bill had an underground, experimental vibe to it this year, as the busy room was treated to the sounds of WHOOP-Szo, Fresh Snow and local legends SIANspheric.

In many ways the show was a family affair. This Ain’t Hollywood owner and booker Lou Molinaro hosts Lou’s Control, Wednesdays at 3 pm, while SIANspheric members Ryan Ferguson and Sean Ramsay host Music of the Spheres, Tuesdays at 9:30 pm.

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We could tumble down a critic hole, writing many a Pitchforky paragraph, trying to describe the sounds of the artists on hand. Suffice to say, all of them are what you might call “genre-defying” (though perhaps they don’t defy genre as much as they scoff at it, give it the finger, and turn up their amplifiers).

WHOOP-Szo started the night by laying on the weight of their indescribable music, which combines everything from post-punk to doom metal. Their psyched-out vibe was furthered by Fresh Snow, whose instrumental music proved a little less herky-jerky and a little more atmospheric but with no less volume or psychedelia.

SIANspheric ended off the evening with the usual – that is to say, with a stellar performance of songs that could be described as “psyche shoegaze” if you really needed to, you know, use words. SIANspheric are the only original Sonic Unyon bands from the 1990s to perform on a regular basis. Last fall they released both a reissue (of their classic debut, Somnium, on red vinyl) and brand new album (Writing the Future in Letters of Fire). As always, their set was beautiful and horrifying, like a trip through the universe; gorgeous, languid starscapes one more moment, blasting, face-melting supernovas the next.

It was a busy night and over $1000 was raised for the radio station. By most reports, a good time was had by all. CFMU would like to thank the bands, the organizers, our designer, our volunteers and all the attendees for coming out, having a good time, supporting the cause and helping raise awareness of 93.3 CFMU.

Photos: Adam Wills

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