On Air
December 14th 2019
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  • 8:00
    edgar winter
    the real deal
    good old rock n roll
  • 8:05
    smoking joe kubeck
    got my mind back
    got you by the tail
  • 8:08
    lil ed and the blues imperials
    blues slide guitar
    packin up
  • 8:12
    marsha ball
    blues women today
    blue house
  • 8:16
    the beatles
    the beatles
    yer blues
  • 8:20
    the beatles
    greatest hits
    I call your name
  • 8:22
    george harrison
    all things must pass
    isnt it a pity
  • 8:30
    The Beatles
    greatest hits
    i dont want to spoil the party
  • 8:32
    the beatles
    Let It Be
    for you blue
  • 8:36
    paul rishel - annie raines
    i want to know
    yo yo blues
  • 8:37
    gordon wycliff
    bone structure
    rhythm cone
  • 8:41
    jimmy witherspoon
    spoon and groove
    in blues
  • 8:45
    lester quitzau
    so here we are
    every minute of the day
  • 8:46
    lester quitzau
    so here we are
    release me
  • 8:53
    Colin Linden
    big mouth
    the last thought
  • 8:57
    little kim retallick
    work week blues
    catch a train
  • 9:04
    suzzie vinnick
    toronto blues now
    save me for later
  • 9:07
    Rita Chiarelli
    toronto blues now
    french kiss
  • 9:10
    rory block
    a woman`s soul
    weeping willow blues
  • 9:15
    petunia and the vipers
    lonesome heavy and lonesome
    blindly wander
  • 9:20
    archie edwards
    the toronto sessions
    take me back baby
  • 9:22
    canned heat
    the best of
    lets work together
  • 9:25
    the beatles
    the beatles
    Back In The USSR